Het congres in 2024 staat in het teken van de 20ste verjaardag van het eerste congres dat door het VK werd georganiseerd. Na dit eerste congres in 2004 volgden er nog twee. We blikken even terug:


Prof. Bruce D. Perry, M.D. – Neurobiology on Child Abuse and Neglect

Prof. Marinus H. van Ijzendoorn – Disorganised Attachment, Child Abuse and Neglect

Dr. Tomas Rinne – Child Abuse Related Hormonal Alterations and the Development of (Psycho-)pathology

Dr. Eric Constant – PTSD and Neuro-imaging. State of the Art

Prof. Jan Willems – Children’s Rights and the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect: the Quest for a Trias Pedagogica of Children, Parents and Society

Dr. Kathleen Kendall-Tackett – The Health Effects of Childhood Abuse on Adults

Prof. Andrew Cooper – Child Protection Work and the Future of Europe: Lessons from 15 Years of Research

Mr. Charles Wilson – Identifying and Spreading Best Practices in Treating Children after Child Abuse – Lessons from the Kauffman Project on Best Practices and the Evidence Based Practice Movement

Dr. Sarah Bal – Adaptation to Sexual Abuse in Adolescents: the Role of Appraisal, Coping and Social Support

Poster 2004 Child Abuse & Neglect - The Facts
2007 2de congres over Child Abuse & Neglect - The Facts


David Finkelhor – Decline of sexual abuse or meeting the iceberg? What do numbers tell us about the incidence of child abuse? & Sex among siblings: a survey on prevalence, variety and effects

David Jones – Making plans: assessment, intervention and evaluating outcomes & Risk factors for recurrence of maltreatment: a systematic review.

John Myers – Legal aspects of interviewing children in abuse and neglect cases & How to strengthen the existing child protection

Frank Putnam – The psychobiological effects of sexual abuse: A 20 year prospective study & The science of Child Sexual Abuse

Johan Vanderlinden – Trauma, dissociation and impulse dyscontrol: lessons from the eating disorders field.

Kunstenaar Denmark – Child Abuse: A narrative at the interface of Neurofuturity and Art

Howard Dubowitz – Child neglect, a child’s perspective. Research, practice and policy.

Arnon Bentovim – Creating a life-span trauma narrative approach to support recovery and growth, evidence based assessment tools.


Prof. Elke Geraerts – New insights in Trauma & Memory

Prof. Margaret Blaustein – Attachment, Self-Regulation and Competency

Prof. Patrick Mc Gowan – Genetics and Trauma, the fundamentals

Prof. Alfred Lange – Internettherapie voor posttraumatische stoornissen: feit of fictie?

Prof. Kate Hefferon – Post Traumatic Growth

Prof. Nigel Parton – In what direction shall we go? The issue of child abuse as a crowbar.

2012 Child Abuse & Neglect - The Facts